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What to expect:  each week you should receive the following on our site. And we plan to  have long seasons with..


    -  spinach, 

    -  onions, 

    -  farm fresh brown eggs

    -  lettuce.  Head lettuce and/or cut leaf lettuce

    -  greens,

    -  radishes,

    -  tomatoes.





seasonal items only come in at specific times and here is an estimated list..

    -  potatoes, 

    -  raspberries,

    -  sweet potatoes,

    -  peaches,

    -  strawberries,

    -  apples

    -  peas, 

    -  beans,

    -  peppers, 

    -  cucumbers,

    -  garlic, 

    -  pecans

    -  squash,

    -  blueberries

    -  cherries, 

    -  and anything else we might try to grow


shop amazon through us

shop amazon through us

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Stock up on what's ripe now!  Feed your family with nothing but the freshest fruits and veggies. Why: we only sell what's in season or coming out of our greenhouses.

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