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We are a small 40 acre farm on the beautiful Cumberland Plateau.  We specialize in hydroponics, greenhouse and field grown fruits and vegetables, which allows us to provide you and your family an almost year-round source for fresh, locally grown produce.     


 We actively use integrated pest control.  Integrated pest management is basically good bugs eating bad bugs.. you might find a few, but you know the produce is full of flavor, not chemicals.

What makes it the freshest?


There is nothing better than local produce!!  We harvest the day of delivery, which guarantees you get the absolute freshest produce.  


Hydroponics means you get product that is usually cut that morning, or actually lettuce heads that are still alive and can live in your refrigerator for a week or more. 

Some people think greenhouse grown produce is not as high quality or as flavorful.  Most greenhouse produce is picked and then allowed to ripen to improve its shelf life.  But our produce is ripened on the vine to maximize flavor and ripeness for you.

what all do we grow and have on the farm?


<click here> for a list of produce  we grow and a gallery of  the farm.  Remember that all of these are not available all the time.

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Home Grown

shop amazon through us

shop amazon through us

Fresh 'n Local

Stock up on what's ripe now!  Feed your family with nothing but the freshest fruits and veggies. Why: we only sell what's in season or coming out of our greenhouses.

Tel: 1-931-692-3919

Text: 1-931-581-7545
E-mail: MichaelRaines@me.com

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