Produce boxes, should contain these items at some point over the season, include the following:


Bibb Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce


Brussels sprouts

Sugar snap peas



Gormet specialist lettuce



New Potatoes

Sweet potatoes




And more

Frontier Family Farms 2019 Community Supported Agriculture Spring/Summer produce boxes


Everyone loves fresh vegetables, and we love to grow them.  Our CSA program allows you to buy at a discount, avoid delivery charges and be first in line for the freshest produce you can find..  


-  We offer produce year round, the greenhouses are amazing.


-  You can either pre pay for produce for the season and receive a discount or line item buy produce and pay week by week.


-  You order a produce box each week and you can pick the specific products you want off our web site and customize your order for no extra charge.


-  CSA boxes get products first, and if you need something for a special occasion we will help you out


-  CSA memebrship guarentees you first dibs on our produce and early ordering privalages on our web site.  



shop amazon through us

shop amazon through us

Fresh 'n Local

Stock up on what's ripe now!  Feed your family with nothing but the freshest fruits and veggies. Why: we only sell what's in season or coming out of our greenhouses.

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Text: 1-931-581-7545

Local Shopping Made Easy:



-Locally Grown

-Fresh picked

-Competitively Priced

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